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Reekta application is a project management tool that enables individuals and small businesses with one layer of approval manage their projects efficiently. Project managers, contractors and clients thinking of a great way to manage their projects need not to think any further.

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360 Degree View

Reekta is a mobile platform designed to help organize and control projects with a 360 degree view of the financial and project progress on the go. So whether one is thinking of planning  and assigning project tasks, managing material or payment requisitions, tracking task progress and making payment, managing project documentation and back- office activities. Reekta has got that covered. 

Additionally, with the GPS coordinates for project location, one is aware of the position of their team. We know that one needs to be confident in the services they deliver, that’s why the platform also offers a scalable quality control and assurance feature, helping one deliver on one’s promise.

Project Management Features

Specific projects can be managed within their specific project space or portfolio. This include activities like task scheduling, reporting, request approvals, quality control, inventory control and document management.

Task Management

Inventory Management

Quality Management

Budget Management

Payment Management

Team Management

Document Management

Approval Management

Request Management

Access Management

Back-Office Management

Reekta App is a resource management application that support individuals and small teams with one layer of approval, organize, control and deliver projects. Additionally, back-office or non project specific tasks can also be managed. 

Back-office activities or tasks refers to business activities that are not directly related to a particular project within a business environment. Example could be an accounting task outsourced to another business entity that involves actions that cuts across several projects within the organization. Another could be purchase of inventory for business operations e.g stationaries for the office.

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